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Premium Wood Fountain Pen Yakusugi(Yakusugi Cedar)

Model noTWM18303

Yakusugi cedar grows on the island of Yakushima in southern Kyushu from which it takes its name.

Unlike most cedars, Yakusugi cedar is resinous and has a strong fragrance. Because it grows slowly, the tree’s annual rings are tight and the wood has a unique grain.

There are many cedars on Yakushima that have lived for thousands of years, like the famous “Jomon Cedar,” a tree said to be 4000 years old which has become a tourist attraction for the island.

For Japanese people, Yakusugi cedar is very symbolic so this pen is a popular choice.

  • Length: 130 x 17mm diam
  • Weight: 52g
  • Dayacom metal nib and hardware
  • Letter size: Medium
  • Ink:European standard cartridge
  • Dayacom converter for ink included with pen
21,000 yen

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