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Premium Wood Fountain Pen Kokutan(Ebony)

Model noTWM18205

Ebony, along with sandalwood and Siamese cassia, is known as one of the “three precious tropical woods,” or “karaki,” from the Tang Dynasty (China).

In Japan, ebony is used as a raw material for traditional crafts such as Buddhist altars and ceremonial objects. Many precious objects made of ebony are among the treasures of the Shosoin Repository in Nara.

Jet-black ebony, which has been over-forested in the past, is in danger of depletion. For this reason, KOZO’s only produces ebony pens in limited quantities.

  • Length: 130 x 17mm diam
  • Weight: 52g
  • Dayacom metal nib and hardware
  • Letter size: Medium
  • Ink:European standard cartridge
  • Dayacom converter for ink included with pen
19,000 yen

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