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Gifu Wood Ballpoint Pen Keyaki(Zelkova)

Model noTWD1700

This ballpoint pen is made from wood from Gifu Prefecture, where woodworking culture is the most developed in Japan.

Zelkova has been used by furniture makers in the Hida region since ancient times. It has excellent resistance to moisture and durability, but it is a very hard material, and takes a lot of time to dry and work with.

It is the hardest and least elastic of the Kozo HIDA lineup, and it is recommended for users who write with a firm grip.

Zelkova’s grain is well-defined. It is often used for the daikoku-bashira, or central pillar in traditional Japanese farmhouses. In Japan, the daikoku-bashira also refers to someone who is a “pillar of the family, community, or company”, making this zelkova HIDA pen a good gift for such a person.

  • Length: 135 x 8mm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Oil-based ballpoint: 0.7mm
  • Ballpoint pen refills: uni-ball SK-8 or CROSS 8514
9,000 yen

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