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Gifu Wood Ballpoint Pen Himeko-matsu(White Pine)

Model noTWD1700

This ballpoint pen is made from wood from Gifu Prefecture, where woodworking culture is the most developed in Japan.

Japanese white pine has a finer grain and is softer and gentler to the touch than other pine species such as red pine and black pine.

Although it grows wild in many places throughout Japan, it is considered a rare tree. It is familiar to the people of the Hida region though, and is often used in beams for houses in the area.

The hardness and elasticity of the wood is in the middle of the range of the Kozo HIDA lineup, and is recommended for users who are using wooden pens for the first time.

Generally, spruce is used around the world for the soundboards of violins and pianos. But Japanese white pine has a long history of use for instruments produced in Japan, making it a good choice for music lovers.

  • Length: 135 x 8mm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Oil-based ballpoint: 0.7mm
  • Ballpoint pen refills: uni-ball SK-8 or CROSS 8514
9,000 yen

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