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Mino Washi Fountain Pen Gekko Aki No Nanakusa(black)

Model noTWM1805

This fountain pen is wrapped with Mino washi printed with a Gekko Aki No Nanakusa (Seven Herbs of Autumn in the Moonlight) Kyoto yuzen motif and hand-coated with UV acrylic.

This is a traditional Japanese pattern representing autumn in Japan, featuring the Seven Herbs of Autumn: hagi (bush clover), ogana (tail flower), kudzu (arrowroot), nadeshiko (dianthus), omie-naeshi (eastern valerian), fujibakama (fragrant eupatorium) and kikyo (bellflower), glowing in the moonlight.

  • Length: 130 x 17mm diam
  • Weight: 52g
  • Dayacom metal nib and hardware
  • Letter size: Medium
  • Ink:European standard cartridge
  • Dayacom converter for ink included with pen
14,000 yen

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